Following the successful launch of Refrigerant Aluminium Pipe, we have been attracting the attention of several noteable media sources. And with more and more outlets quickly realising the many advantages of Aluminium Pipe, expect to hear a lot more from us in the near future.

Take a look at the following publications to see what the leading industry figures are saying about our product:

RAC Technology Forum

'Forward to the Future'

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Magazine RAC have recently held their first cooling awards technology forum which aims to target key areas that will define the industry moving forward.  The event was attended by Government, Industry governing bodies, Armed forces, Major retailers, Contractors, Specifiers and multiple end users.


Tony Madden of Eco was on a panel of industry experts indicating the development of aluminium pipe for use in air conditioning and refrigeration application

RAC Magazine

'A New Aluminium Age?'

ACR Today

'Aluminium Refrigerant Pipe - is it time for a change?'