Frequently Asked Questions

Is Aluminium Pipe cost effective?

Aluminium remains one of the most cost effective materials you can use, with outstanding properties which enable considerable savings. It is estimated two-to-three times cheaper than copper and over the years has seen significant technological improvements.

How does aluminium behave in such an environment from a corrosion point of view?

Aluminium has very low corrosion rates compared to materials like steel and copper. This is due to the protective oxide layer that forms immediately on the surface when exposed to the environment.

Is aluminium difficult to join?

Connecting two aluminium pipes can be done either by brazing or mechanical fittings. The method depends on your own needs and requirements. Flame brazing aluminium to aluminium is carried out using exactly the same method as copper to copper brazing.

Can I braze aluminium to copper?

Joining copper to aluminium pipe with flame brazing is conducted in the same manner as when flame brazing two aluminium pipes.