Copper Pipe Prices – A Reason to Use Aluminium

If you are looking for a single reason why it is time to start working with aluminium, then copper pipe prices are that reason. We all know that the price of copper has been rising rapidly for years. The price of one tonne of copper today (14th March 2012, price from the London Metal Exchange) is $8390. This is nearly 3 times more expensive than 7 years ago and if we look back another 7 years a tonne of copper was around one sixth of the price.


As copper resources continue to deplete and demand from emerging nations grows, we can only expect this trend to continue. Copper pipe prices will continue to increase making the material less viable for use in air conditioning and refrigeration.


Aluminium prices on the other hand are far more favourable, with a price of $2169.5 for one tonne of aluminium (14th March 2012.) In fact, while there has been some fluctuation over the last 7 years, the price of one tonne of aluminium is very similar today to prices in 2005.


The price of aluminium is expected to remain fairly steady over the next 3 years making this the optimum time to start taking advantage of this new material. Copper pipe prices are on the increase;  therefore installing a system using aluminium is a far more cost effective solution for clients, equalling a winning bid.